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BALANCED SCHOOL CALENDARS & CONSTRUCTION PROJECTS Most renovation work is completed during the extended summer break, but what happens when the summer is shorter on a balanced calendar? Nick Allen Business Development Manager
UNDERSTANDING DESIGN BUILD Unlike the traditional low bid design-bid-build method, design-build is where the designer and builder are unified as a single contractual entity. Jerry Rolfson Design-Build Team Leader
FLIPPING THE SWITCH ON ENERGY SAVINGS To leave the lights on or to turn them off, that is the question. I am frequently asked if turning off lights can actually save money and energy. Mike Lindsey Performance Assurance Manager
COMBINED HEAT & POWER 101 With the need for continual, stable power, hospitals are tied to traditional energy sources that may not be cost effective or energy efficient. Kevin Baum Project Development Engineer
WHAT TO EXPECT FROM PERFORMANCE CONTRACTING Do you ever end a construction project feeling unsatisfied? It’s time to consider the higher expectations of performance contracting. Dr. Jerry Hawkins Education Consultant
COMMUNICATING ENERGY STEWARDSHIP Analyze the impact of energy usage or savings in terms of the Greenhouse Gas production. Shana Lopez Sales & Marketing Administrator
PROMOTING CAMPUS ENERGY PROJECTS TO STUDENTS Sustainability efforts are high priorities to a college or university and to their students. GETTING STARTED ON AN ENERGY MASTER PLAN This article is the first in a series of three publications on developing and implementing Energy Master Plans for educational institutions. Phil Yuska National Engineering Manager
cathy stephen
HOW TO BEGIN THE K-12 RENOVATION PROCESS School corporations in today’s financial environment have huge facility needs, but not the budget room to accomplish it all. Cathy Stephen Former Education Consultant
Jim Adams
LED'S PROVING TO BE HIGH QUALITY, LOW COST RETROFIT Hear our Business Consultant, Jim Adams, outline the benefits of a LED retrofit, and learn more about LED application from Forbes.com. Jim Adams General Manager, Texas
THE COMPONENTS OF AN OPTIMAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENT Providing a proper learning environment has proven to be fundamental in the overall learning process. Dr. Ed Williams Education Consultant
10 REASONS WHY THE DESIGN-BUILD DELIVERY METHOD WORKS Steve Savoie explains the top ten reasons the design-build delivery method works so well for owners who want collaboration, communication, and time and cost savings. Steve Savoie Senior Architect and Integrated Project Leader
THREE ASPECTS OF A SUCCESSFUL K-12 BUILDING ENERGY ASSESSMENT By setting these three expectations with a qualified provider, you can ensure a valuable and fruitful building assessment. Tony Kuykendall Business Development Manager
Erin Green
THE IMPACT OF SCHOOL BUILDINGS ON STUDENT HEALTH AND PERFORMANCE: RECENT AND PLANNED RESEARCH Erin Green discusses the connection between indoor environmental quality and student achievement. Erin Green Former Education Consultant
THE CONTINUED GROWTH OF SOLAR POWER The global growth of solar energy is driven by a dramatic decline in installation costs, as well as enticing rebate incentives for solar usage. David Temming Project Development Engineer

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