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IU Health Methodist Hospital - Phase I-III

Critical Space Renovation Project


Contract Amount Ph. I-III


Square Feet


Airflow Setback Target

Project Description

IU Health selected Performance Services to engineer and renovate 20 surgical suites with the latest technology to continue to ensure the precise environment required in the most critical spaces of Methodist Hospital.


Performance Services designed and installed key environmental equipment, control system components, and sequence programming in the operating room (OR) suites that assist in providing specific temperature, humidity control, and pressurization components necessary for proper operation in any surgical environment. This phase of the project ensures that the indoor environmental quality (IEQ) in the operating rooms meet or exceed code requirements and comfort needs. Hospital goals included reducing air exchange from 20-24 times per hour to 10-12 times per hour. The 50% setback goal will result in over 1 million kWh of electricity saved annually while improving infection control.

  • Upgraded and replaced 70 existing VAV's with lab grade air flow devices
  • Converted controls from pneumatic to direct digital control
  • Installed occupancy sensors


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"Performance Services was nearly flawless in their execution of the Methodist Hospital Operating Room Controls Upgrades Project. Any issues that did arise were addressed expediently and precisely. Their pre-commissioning work and preparedness for final commissioning and acceptance testing allowed for strict adherence to our tight schedule. I give them an “A” for this project especially given its’ complexities and critical working environment."

Damon G. Greeley PE, CEM, HFDP, CBCP, EDAC



Phase II & III of the project addressed heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment including air handling and chilled water components. Methodist Hospital continues to ensure a properly functioning critical space environment with the added benefit of enhanced energy efficiency and maintainability of equipment.


Jim Christie

Jim Christie

business development manager


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