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Energy Star Buildings

Performance Services is a leading qualified guaranteed energy savings provider for ENERGY STAR® labeled K-12 schools and buildings with over 100 buildings certified to date. We have a dedicated, in-house resource to proactively calculate Energy Star scores using Utility Manager Pro utility management software and the Energy Star’s Portfolio Manager

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What is an Energy Star Certification?

Energy Star is a free program offered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), every school can calculate their ENERGY STAR by gathering readily available information about your building and 12 months of current utility data. For scores of 75 or greater, a professional engineer is required to certify indoor air quality and lighting standards. Achieving Energy Star means your school building uses less energy, costs less to operate, and provides an optimal learning environment facilities hallmark of a high performance school district.

Helping Owners Achieve the Energy Star Label

We start by carrying out a preliminary energy analysis of your buildings, so that we can give your current Energy Star benchmark score. We then make specific recommendations on reduction of energy consumption while still maintaining an optimal  environment.

We monitor 12 consecutive months of the utility data required for the EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager. We support, if desired, promotional activity to showcase and celebrate your achievement when the Energy Star label is awarded.