When clients work with Performance Services there are no change orders.

That’s correct. Under no circumstances will there be change orders within the agreed scope based on final bids and pricing of work for any Performance Services project. This is a major contrast with other ways of working in our industry. It’s also an approach that is greatly appreciated by our clients.

With constant pressure on budgets and a need for accurate forecasting, nobody wants the price of their project to escalate once it gets underway. Going over budget is inconvenient, disruptive, causes unnecessary delays, and can lead to high-profile and potentially embarrassing outcomes.

How can Performance Services say no to change orders?

We don’t eliminate change orders by building in large amounts of contingency. We do make sure that we know the project is very thorough in detail before we quote. Our approach means walking the corridors and getting to know the spaces and the challenges as thoroughly as our clients do. It means lifting the tiles as well as turning the pages of the plans. Nothing is left to assumptions or chance. We believe that developing a truly accurate scope of work only comes from applying our favorite philosophy: measure twice and cut once.

For us, doing the legwork means going the extra mile upfront.

We carry out detailed analysis to make sure that our design truly integrates all the elements – building envelope, mechanical, and control systems, whether already in place or to be included as part of the project. We take complete responsibility for the scope of every proposed project. In fact, we are the single point of contact, from the first appointment to project completion. Our track record confirms our commitment to no change orders and we have delivered this promise on 100% of our projects. For us, it’s the way we do business. For our clients, it’s peace of mind delivered through real budget control.

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