Performance Services believes in shaking hands, not pointing fingers.

Everyone involved in each of our projects, including our sub-contractors, has a seat at the table. They share inputs, expertise and solutions as a unified team. We also expect each team member to take personal responsibility for their work. And they all share a single objective: the best possible project outcome and a satisfied client.

We support this positive culture through our choice of project delivery method. Unlike traditional approaches, where the client has to manage different contracts and contractors, all Performance Services projects have just one contract with the owner, and we manage every aspect of the project, from the initial site visit through project delivery. We take responsibility for all actions and decisions throughout the life of the project, regardless of who makes them within our subcontractor group. And we provide one point of contact throughout the life of every project.

Our clients have total project control through just one touch point: Performance Services. Regardless of the issue raised, we will never point fingers or shift responsibility. We will work until the issue is resolved. That’s how we do things.

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