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Putting our customers in control.

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We believe that vendor independence puts our customers in control. Control of their equipment and material choices. Control of their building automation platforms and systems. Exclusive arrangements with single vendors and technology lock-ins lead to increased maintenance and repair costs, increased lifecycle costs and reduced flexibility when adding buildings or renovating existing spaces. In short, vendor dependence shifts control away from customers and toward vendors - an undesirable situation for building owners.

The four advantages of vendor independence

Innovation in the area of open architecture building automation solutions have resulted in greater freedom of building automation design. This freedom allows builders to construct spaces that match 100% of the customer’s functional requirements. There is no longer any need to compromise just to accommodate the limitations of a single vendor’s product range.

At Performance Services, we are not tied to any manufacturer or vendor of materials, specialist equipment, controls systems, mechanical installation or any other physical element of project delivery. We do not represent a particular brand. This completely independent approach to vendors means that we are free to apply the selection criteria that really matter for the owner.

Questions we ask: Is this the most relevant technology? Are the materials most fit for purpose? Will this choice of vendor’s equipment combine effectively and efficiently with other elements in our solution, to provide the customer the outcome they expect? Can we assure effective and durable systems programming? Is this the best value for our customer? By making sure the answer to all these questions is  “yes” we can be confident of the best outcome.

Consider Needs and Priorities:

  • Flexibility when future changes are required
  • Training support for the facilities staff
  • Maintenance and service options
  • Lifetime cost of ownership

And by leaving ourselves unbiased to make the best choices for our customer, we can be certain of putting the customer's best interests first and the customer in control. Always.

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