Design, functionality, and performance: All integrated under one roof.

Experience confirms that what clients really want to see from our projects are positive outcomes. These include: persistent problems fixed, optimum year-round performance, reduced operating costs, and guaranteed energy savings.

Our goal with every project is to create high performing buildings with optimal environments. We deliver by taking a holistic, integrated approach to our clients’ projects with dedicated, in-house resources. We bring multi-disciplinary teams, and we expect each team member to take personal responsibility for delivering the desired environment year in and year out, for the life of the contract.

At Performance Services, we have learned that no two clients and no two situations are identical. That’s why the construction and energy expertise we provide is tailored to fit the specific needs of our clients. And whatever the specific challenges and opportunities of each project, we consistently make sure that our clients’ interests are a top priority.

Team Expertise and Experience:

Architecture Facility Assessments Marketing Promotion Support
Building Automation Systems Financing Knowledge Master Energy Plans
Central Plant Renovations Four-Season Optimization New Construction
Combined Heat & Power* Fuel Switching Operations Training
Constructability Review Geothermal Technology Systems Optimal Environments
Grant Research Assistance Performance Assurance Guaranteed Savings Contracts
Control Systems Programming Performance Contracts Cost Estimating
Heat Recovery Systems Renewable Energy Systems* Space Renovations
HVAC Systems* Roof Replacements Daylighting
Investment Grade Audits Solar Photovoltaic Systems* Demolition & Renovation
Kitchens Design Engineering Laboratories
Utility Incentive Assistance LED Lighting Retrofits* Ventilation Systems
Energy Conservation Measures ENERGY STAR and LEED Energy Management
Lighting Systems*

*Performance Services is not licensed to perform air conditioning and refrigeration (ACR) and electrical contracting (ELC) services in Texas but can provide clients a list of licensed ACR or ELC contractors who can.

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