Design and Construction Made Easy

Dealing with persistent issues in your facilities can be frustrating and costly. Because we understand the challenge, we’re committed to helping you find lasting solutions that meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

We specialize in designing and constructing facility projects that not only fix these problems but also enhance performance throughout the year, cut operating costs, and boost energy efficiency. Through closely working with you, we’ll design solutions and energy conservation measures that align with both your facility’s needs and your financial objectives.

Our tailored solutions can make a lasting impact on your facilities.

  • Architectural Design
  • Design-Build Construction
  • Educational Planning
  • Energy Leadership Program
  • Facilities Studies
  • Energy Savings Performance Contracts
  • Smart City Solutions
  • Solar Power Solutions
  • Water and Wastewater Solutions

Architectural Design

Architectural Design

Exterior of new Warsaw High School entrance at night

Designs that meet needs now and into the future.

Our in-house architectural team specializes in designing education and municipal facilities. They collaborate closely with clients to create spaces that transform communities, featuring modern designs that inspire learning, foster collaboration and provide optimal indoor environments.

Design-Build Construction

Design-Build Construction

Performance Services design-build team collaborating on an active project site in hard hats and safety vests

A design-to-budget approach with sole accountability.

As a design-builder, we bring together a cohesive team from various disciplines to eliminate gaps between the design and construction processes. This approach allows for greater team collaboration and ensures the client avoids finger-pointing that comes with separate contracts for design and construction.

Educational Planning

Educational Planning

Performance Services' Educational Planning Team Collaborating on a Design-Build Project

Design solutions that keep space utilization at the forefront.

Every school district faces unique challenges. To cater to each district’s needs, Educational Planners are essential members of our design team. They work with our clients to examine educational requirements, growth capacity, learning environments, and more before proposing design solutions. Our comprehensive facility studies ensure we design spaces built better for students and teachers.

Energy Leadership Program

Energy Leadership Program

Austin ISD Energy Leadership Program Team with Energy Star Awards earned as a result of their program

Behavioral-based programs that save energy and money.

We help K-12 schools and higher education institutions implement effective energy conservation programs. Our programs lower carbon footprints, encourage sustainability, and provide student leadership opportunities while being cash-flow positive and making a measurable impact.

Facilities Studies

Facilities Studies

Performance Services' drone pilot using drone to assess facilities

A roadmap to prioritize future improvements and deferred maintenance.

Before starting a facility project, our engineers conduct a comprehensive facility study or investment-grade audit. They thoroughly assess the facility’s physical condition, functionality, safety, and suitability of buildings and infrastructure, as well as cost estimates for potential solutions. We do this as a way to help you prioritize and build a roadmap of renovations and upgrades.

Energy Savings Performance Contracts

Energy Savings Performance Contracts

Warsaw School's Edgewood Middle School Mechanical Room after Renovation

A budget-neutral approach that offers a path to complete infrastructure projects.

Performance contracting provides schools and local governments with a flexible funding mechanism to finance infrastructure projects, including solar installations. This approach allows you to avoid capital costs for deferred maintenance and fund improvements through the energy savings generated by those enhancements.

Smart City Solutions

Smart City Solutions

Smart city infographic highlighting the different components of a smart city

Technology that enhances city services.

Implement smart infrastructure to improve your community’s quality of life. These solutions reduce energy consumption and cut maintenance and operations costs. Our smart city solutions include on-site power generation, networked LED streetlights, smart water meters, wastewater treatment upgrades, EV chargers, and more.

Solar Power Solutions

Solar Power Solutions

Solar Myth Vs. Fact: Top 10 Misconceptions about Solar Power

Engineered solar designs that guarantee performance.

Our in-house solar development and operations teams take a comprehensive approach to designing solar projects. They assure right-sized solutions that meet facility usage needs. They manage the project from design to installation, providing performance monitoring and reporting throughout.

Water and Wastewater Solutions

Water and Wastewater Solutions

Close up of a water treatment facility

Improvements that save energy and reduce operating costs.

We partner with cities, towns, and counties to determine which water and wastewater solutions could have the biggest impact on the bottom line. We offer smart water meters, advanced metering infrastructures, and wastewater treatment upgrades through performance contracts.

Additional In-House Expertise

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    Design Solutions

    We have helped educational clients renovate or expand their campuses. We’ve also helped municipalities adapt old buildings for new uses. We’ve designed:

    • Cafeterias
    • Gymnasiums
    • STEM Spaces
    • Kitchens
    • Classrooms
    • Band/choir rooms
    • Theatres/auditoriums
    • Secure entryways
    • Playgrounds
    • Parking lots with enhanced traffic flow
    • Greenhouses
    • Workout facilities
    • City offices
    • Courthouses
    • Corrections centers
  • 02

    Energy Conservation Measures

    In our 25 years, we’ve implemented many conservation measures through performance contracts. Solutions have included:

    • Installing new HVAC equipment*
    • Implementing solar solutions*
    • Reprogramming building control systems
    • Retrofitting to LED lighting*
    • Installing geothermal systems
    • Replacing roofs/windows/doors (building envelope improvements)
    • Renovating central plants
    • Optimizing equipment for four seasons
    • Implementing advanced metering infrastructures/smart water meters
    • Upgrading wastewater treatment plants

    *Performance Services is not licensed to perform air conditioning and refrigeration (ACR) and electrical contracting (ELC) services in Texas but can provide clients with a list of licensed ACR or ELC contractors who can. 

  • 03

    Energy Management

    As high-performance building specialists, we focus on helping clients manage their energy costs efficiently while maintaining spaces with optimal indoor environments for occupants. This includes:

    • Conducting investment grade audits (IGAs)
    • Completing energy assessments
    • Creating master plans
    • Implementing behavior-based Energy Leadership programs
  • 04


    • Performance contracting
    • Grant research assistance
    • Utility incentive assistance
    • Solar renewable energy credits (SRECs) assistance
  • 05

    Marketing Support

    Because our projects are about empowering communities, we can support you in spreading the word about your projects. Our marketing team can provide:

    • Event support with groundbreaking, ribbon cuttings, and more.
    • ENERGY STAR, LEED, and other project awards/certifications
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