The work environment at Performance Services encourages and promotes employee wellness. Our company is committed to investing in our employees’ health, knowing that each person is a major contributor to our success.

Some of the benefits of our wellness program include:

  • Health e-newsletter to promote awareness
  • Access to health coaches to develop individual health plans
  • Monthly meeting with a dietician
  • Fitness personal trainer session once a month
  • Gym membership subsidy
  • Free fitness trackers
  • Fresh fruit at work and healthy snacks
  • Access to health education tools
  • Onsite fitness room, showers, and bike garage
  • Scenic walking path and kayaks for employee use

Providing employees with resources to pursue healthy lifestyles leads to higher productivity, a happier workforce and lower turnover rates. Performance Services extends many of the wellness benefits to the spouses of our employees too.

Employees enjoy running, walking, cycling, golfing, and much more. We have found the best motivator is the inspiration and support of one another. We are a health-conscious team prepared and ready to take on any challenge.

Meet the Team

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