There is No Substitute for Experience.

As a leader in design and construction for K-12 schools, we know projects are not a “one size fits all” approach. Every district’s needs are unique. Our passionate and collaborative Educational Planners share decades of experience in public education. They listen and provide a peer perspective to help achieve excellent outcomes for our clients, which includes sustainable and flexible learning spaces that can easily be repurposed depending on evolving programming needs.

Design-Build Construction

Our Approach

We employ educational planners as essential team members of our design team. We examine educational needs, growth capacity, current infrastructure, learning environment, safety, accessibility, curricular enhancement, technology, community areas, site traffic flow, and space needs for special education offerings as part of our programmatic facility study process and reporting.

Meet our Educational Planner

Our Educational Planners bring a qualified, peer perspective based on decades of experience serving as educators and administrators in public schools. Maryanne has served as an elementary and middle school teacher, assistant principal, principal, curriculum and instruction consultant, director of elementary education and assistant superintendent for teaching and learning. She’s experienced first-hand successful referendum campaigns and design and construction projects. Our architects work closely with our educational planners and clients in the master planning process.

Maryanne joined Performance Services after working in public education for 34 years. In the role of educational planner, Maryanne works closely with the architectural group and clients to define programming requirements for facility studies. She was an elementary school teacher, assistant principal, principal, curriculum and instruction consultant, director of elementary education, and assistant superintendent for teaching and learning during her career. Maryanne has experience with successful capital project referendum campaigns. Maryanne McMahon EDUCATIONAL PLANNER

Educational Planner Role and the Value They Bring

  • Extensive discussions at leadership and user group levels to identify program needs and priorities
  • Collaborate with architects and clients on the development of the space program
  • Analyze educational adequacy of design solutions and provide input
  • Attend school board meeting updates as requested
  • Provide educational information to the school board on trends
  • Participate in planning committee sessions

Built to last.

We care about the longevity of our projects and challenge our team to think about how the final product will look and function decades into the future. We are committed to delivering an excellent client experience by leading with programming and executing the strategy behind it.

Programming Precedes Design

We partner with you to provide an excellent process and outcome. As such, educational planning drives informed decisions in conjunction with design and construction for renovations and new-build projects. Ready to learn more about the benefits of building with a program-led focus? Our Performance Services design team is here to help. Connect with us to see how we can help make your next building project a success.

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