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Performance Services is celebrating 25 years of excellence, serving education and local governments’ design and construction needs. Our in-house team has planned, designed, and renovated hundreds of buildings on time and on budget with outcomes that exceed expectations. We are innovators and our approach is different and are committed to 100% client satisfaction on every project. We believe in sole accountability and providing a no-change order guarantee. Connect with our team to learn how to build a better way together.

Who We Are

Performance Services is a high-performance specialist that creates and delivers facility, utility, and environmental solutions using integrated design and construction with sole accountability for results. Our talented team includes architectural designers, water/utility engineers, solar engineers, and mechanical, electrical, and plumbing engineers. Since the company’s founding in 1998, our focus has been serving public owners to provide sustainable infrastructure and 100% client satisfaction on every project.

  • How We're Different

How We're Different

Our team provides leadership for the design, project management, control systems, and performance assurance work. We utilize a collaborative approach throughout project development and installation. We leverage team relationships and handle desired changes within the scope of work without change orders to assure a satisfied client.

Our process provides clear benefits, including:


What We Do

Our integrated design and construction approach provides best-value projects with optimized indoor environments and significant energy and operational savings. Our core service offerings include the following:

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    Design-Build Construction

    Design-build construction is an integrated delivery model for infrastructure improvement projects in which a single entity, working under one contract, performs the project’s design and construction. Because there is only one contract, the design-builder sees the project from the initial design concept to construction completion, carrying single-source accountability. Benefits of this approach include reduced owner risk, higher quality, quicker delivery, and cost efficiencies.

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    Energy Savings Performance Contracts

    Performance contracting is a flexible funding mechanism that allows public owners to finance energy-focused infrastructure projects with the guaranteed energy and efficiency savings of the infrastructure improvements. As a result, no upfront capital is required.

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    Smart City Infrastructure

    We help cities and towns transition to smart infrastructure. Our team works with cities and towns to develop tailored, multifaceted approaches to infrastructure improvements that can be completed with budget-neutral financing.

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    Facilities Studies

    Before beginning an infrastructure-related renovation project, the first key step is to conduct a preliminary facility condition and energy assessment to identify how facilities are currently operating, identify potential issues, and provide a blueprint for future improvements. Once the assessment is completed, our clients have a thorough roadmap for planning their renovation projects. If they choose to proceed with a project, our integrated team can help implement it from start to finish.

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    Water and Wastewater Solutions

    We partner with our clients to determine what water and energy reduction strategies can impact the bottom line and contribute to a sustainable future. Through advanced metering infrastructure and wastewater treatment plant projects, we help clients save money while providing operational efficiencies.

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    Solar Power Solutions

    We have an in-house solar development and operations team of professional engineers and project managers who take a comprehensive approach to ensure solar solutions are designed to meet clients’ long-range energy master plans and needs. Our team proactively ensures holistic, right-sized, integrated design, installation, and performance monitoring and reporting throughout the process.

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    Educational Programming

    As a leader in design and construction, we understand that programming precedes design. As a result, we employ educational planners as core design team members. They work with our clients and design team to examine educational needs, growth capacity, current infrastructure, learning environment, safety, accessibility, curricular enhancement, technology, site traffic flow, and space needs for special education offerings.

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    Energy Leadership Programs

    Energy Leadership is a cash-flow positive energy conservation program designed to fund facility needs from current energy expenditures with sustainability in mind. The behavior-based program yields significant energy savings as a tangible and immediate reward. The program is designed to engage student leaders and staff meaningfully and collaboratively to help conserve energy.


No matter who we call at Performance Services, there is an immediate response and they take care of what we need. I suppose we could have gotten a good product from a number of different companies, but I don't think we would have the level of client satisfaction with any other company. Our board feels very strongly about Performance Services, the quality of the product, and their people.

Ron Green, Superintendent

Shenandoah School Corporation

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