Performance Services doesn’t just do the job; we guarantee it will deliver.

Our promise of guaranteed performance applies to all of our projects, including energy savings throughout the life of the contract. We can provide project performance criteria in other key areas too. These include air quality, humidity, temperature, and noise levels – all factors contributing to or defining the client’s optimized environment.


Four Season Optimization

We know that performance is about consistency, predictability, and reliability. That’s why we go beyond commissioning. We view system optimization as a vital ingredient to the success of all our projects. Our four-season optimization involves physically visiting the building each season throughout the first year of operation to ensure mechanical and control elements work as specified to deliver the promised outcome. With this detailed, year-round performance knowledge, the correct operation becomes a matter of routine maintenance.

In-House Performance Assurance Team

To further ensure guaranteed performance on every project, we have an in-house performance assurance team dedicated to verifying and monitoring energy and operational savings on all guaranteed energy savings contracts to ensure high levels of performance that meet or exceed guarantee expectations. Services include:

  • Assisting with preliminary energy reports
  • Utility rebates
  • Control system optimization
  • Owner training
  • Client Portal
  • Annual energy conservation reports
  • ENERGY STAR certification support

The performance assurance (PA) process begins during project development when the team assists engineers in analyzing utility data for preliminary reports and identifies all potential utility rebates. The PA team’s contribution continues and becomes more involved throughout project implementation and completion. The team will assist with system optimization efforts, client training, and client close-out meetings, where system monitoring, energy use monitoring, and savings reporting expectations are set. After project completion, the PA team becomes the main client contact, responsible for monthly data monitoring, providing annual savings reports, overseeing any issues via our Client Portal, and assisting with ENERGY STAR certification.

Guaranteed performance should be expected, and it’s what our clients get. Ready to get started on your next project? Contact us today!

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