Integrated Design and Construction for K-12 and Cities and Towns

North Carolina schools and communities want the best outcomes on their projects, and at Performance Services, we are dedicated to making that happen. We focus our time and attention on getting to know an owner’s unique needs, priorities, and challenges. Only then do we put forward design solutions to provide high-performing buildings and energy-efficient smart utilities. With our design-build services, we provide sole accountability for design, project management, construction, and performance assurance. We believe this approach leads to high-quality, cost-effective, and timely outcomes for our clients. Our projects are delivered with real performance guarantees.

Design-Build Owner Advantages

Turnkey Infrastructure Solutions

We work with clients to find solutions to real problems. Each project starts with the end in mind, with the owner’s desired outcome guiding our work. We know high-performing buildings and water systems are more cost-effective to operate over time, so that’s our focus. Utilizing a design-build approach, Performance Services is unique in providing speed of delivery and performance guarantees on every project.

  • K-12 Schools
  • Cities and Towns

K-12 Schools

We work with schools to design and renovate buildings while improving the learning environment for students. With hundreds of school clients and long-term relationships built on successful building projects, we do not make a claim lightly that we know schools. As a design-builder, our team of in-house architects and engineers help schools utilize ESSER funding to:

  • Design and build/renovate school facilities
  • Renovate, modernize, and expand historic districts
  • Complete indoor air quality solutions
  • Upgrade HVAC systems
  • Optimize building controls
  • Install solar arrays to offset energy costs
  • Achieve the ENERGY STAR label

Cities and Towns

Performance Services helps cities and towns replace old mechanical systems with smart water meters from top manufacturers and connect them to a powerful advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) network. This technology creates smart utilities that can provide better service to clients, including the ability to:

  • Bill accurately with precise meter readings
  • Reduce unbilled water each year
  • Detect leaks in a water system
  • Activate auto water shut-off in dangerous weather conditions
  • Gather daily water consumption data with pinpoint accuracy




Outcome-Focused Benefits

With integrated planning, design, and construction, Performance Services provides sole accountability for results. This also means we can provide higher-quality and more timely outcomes. Here’s how we can provide your next construction project with more value:

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    The learning/working environment is a top priority for every project. Performance Services specializes in high-performing buildings, and we have high standards for thermal comfort, ventilation, filtration, humidity, lighting, and indoor air quality.

  • 02


    Unlike architects or general construction companies, Performance Services can provide performance guarantees that include standards for energy efficiency and the learning/working environment. Guaranteed performance should be expected and it’s what our clients get. High-performance environments, under control.

  • 03


    Performance Services has built a reputation on an unwavering commitment to serving our clients. Our team strives for client satisfaction on a daily basis. From the first owner meeting through the completion of the project, we stand behind our work and with our clients.

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    At Performance Services, we are not tied to any manufacturer or vendor of materials, specialist equipment, controls systems, mechanical installation, or any other physical element of project delivery. We do not represent a particular brand. This independent approach to vendors means that we are free to apply the selection criteria that really matter for the owner.

  • 05


    At Performance Services, we believe that our clients are also our partners on the journey to high-performance buildings, reduced energy costs and optimized environments. As partners, we want to provide the best workmanship, the best project value, and the lowest possible project cost. That’s why we are committed to open-book pricing on every project.

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    We don’t eliminate change orders by building in large amounts of contingency. We do make certain that we know the project in very thorough detail before we quote. Our approach means walking the corridors, getting to know the spaces and the challenges as thoroughly as our clients do. It means lifting the tiles as well as turning the pages of the plans. So, by the time we come to quote, we have a full notion of what we’re quoting for. Nothing is left to assumptions or chance.


"We reached all of our goals and then some. Our end product was better than what we originally designed. The design-build process gave us the opportunity to make modifications without change orders. We received everything that was promised and were able to go back and get upgrades."


Warsaw Community Schools

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