A Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

A Commitment to Client Satisfaction

Performance Services has built a reputation on an unwavering commitment to serving our customers. Our team strives for 100% customer satisfaction daily. From the first owner meeting to the completion of a project and throughout the guarantee, Performance Services stands behind our work and with our clients.

The Customer Experience

We always look to improve our processes by actively listening to our customers. That’s why we partnered with Walker, a client intelligence consulting firm with over 75 years of experience. We invite and encourage owner representatives to provide us with feedback at critical stages during their active design and construction projects with us.

Performance Services has adopted five essentials of the client experience. These five pillars enable us to adapt our active project process to provide a simple and effective way to ask and receive client feedback.

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    Continual communication is important to ensure that the client is well aware of how their feedback is being used to improve our processes and how our active listening helps resolve any project challenges.

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    Customer experience-driven processes lead to actions that impact the client’s project and affect change throughout our company. This action also encourages process improvements for all members of our team.

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    Understanding client needs and challenges are at the core of a successful client experience program. Our team uses client feedback to build intelligence about client needs by assembling and analyzing the data and communicating it to the appropriate team members.

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    Clear objectives and a well-defined roadmap are essential parts of every client project. Aligning these objectives with our Mission, Vision, and Guiding Principles is essential to our entire team.

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    Employee ownership of the Client Experience starts and ends with strong leadership at every level of the organization and project team. Our project teams drive accountability throughout each client project.

The five essentials help us measure our progress and success. This foundation allows us to listen and respond to each client’s needs and more efficiently address any outstanding issues. We truly care for our clients, and it’s our responsibility to fulfill all promises made and exceed expectations on every project and throughout the performance guarantee.

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