What are the benefits of water management?

Water faucet with water flowing out

Water management can offer many benefits to state and local government. Some of these benefits include:

  1. Reduced water and sewer costs: Low flow water conservation devices reduce water usage and costs as well as sewer costs.
  2. Weather-based irrigation controls: This type of control system saves water usage and cost especially during the hot summer months.
  3. Reduced energy usage: Low flow water devices reduce the amount of hot water used which, in turn, reduces the amount of energy used to heat the water.
  4. Reduction of unbilled water: Replacing old, inaccurate water meters and distribution piping can result in increased revenues for the water district.
  5. Wastewater treatment energy usage: Wastewater treatment plants are one of the largest users of energy within a city. Plant upgrades and aeration optimization can dramatically reduce energy usage and save money.
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Smart Water Meters: Smarter Water Management for Cities and Towns

Replacing mechanical water meters with automated, digital meters is vital for bringing communities into the 21st century and becoming Smart Cities, at least in terms of critical water management.