What are ways to control the total cost of ownership for a facility?

Across decades of the life of any facility, an extra and avoidable expense of facility ownership is incurred through:

  • Underperforming equipment
  • Inefficient control programming sequences
  • Expensive and time-consuming repair processes

To better control the cost of ownership, Performance Services addresses these issues, starting at the design and construction stage. We are not a manufacturer of equipment or tied to any single building automation system, so we can recommend equipment and controls platform based on high-performance standards. We write control system code ourselves to assure accuracy, energy efficiency and an optimal environment.

Our holistic and integrated approach to projects enables lower total cost of ownership for the life of the facility. Accurate controls and location-specific programming ensures environmental quality. Vendor independence means access to a wider pool of maintenance partners, allowing owner control, flexibility on future changes, service options, and lower total cost of ownership.

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