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What is Four-Season Optimization?

The needs of students and pressures on budgets mean no school today can afford to have “that classroom” — the one where students and teachers are cold in winter and hot during the summer months. That’s why Performance Services is dedicated to four-season optimization. In every room. In every building.  And in every season.

Four season optimization infographic of factors that contribute to indoor air quality

We make sure that controls systems are programmed to respond appropriately to deliver a comfortable environment at all times of the year. As such, there are four visits in the first year (one each season) from Performance Services’ experts, to make sure that all mechanical and control elements are working together effectively as specified—and in the ways owners would expect.

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Best Practices for Indoor Air Quality in School Buildings

The following provides helpful information for school officials to promote a healthy learning environment with defined indoor air quality criteria and standards.


HVAC Recommendations for School Closures

This is an uncertain time for school districts. Schools must adapt their HVAC system operations to protect the health and safety of their employees, staff, and students. Follow these recommendations in the event of a school closure due to COVID-19.

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