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Why consider a water meter replacement project?

Replacing aged water meters can significantly enhance revenues to the water department. A water meter, like any other mechanical device, is subject to wear and deterioration over time. This deterioration could be accelerated by poor water quality such as corrosive or abrasive water.

Water meters typically under register because wear on internal meter parts generally cause lower measurements. The potential for revenue loss can be staggering if the system has a large number of meters significantly under-registering actual usage. A comprehensive meter replacement program not only benefits the water distribution system by creating a more efficient operation but allows a municipality to maintain the lowest possible water rates for customers. Read more about smart water meters here:

The Future of Smart Water Meters


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The Future of Smart Water Meters

Local municipalities throughout the United States are in the process of replacing analog water meters with more intelligent, smart meters.


Does Design-Build have a Future in Water Projects?

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