East Porter Schools Earn Energy Star

Valparaiso and Kouts, Indiana. East Porter County School Corporation has earned the ENERGY STAR® award from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for all four school buildings after implementing an energy conservation project and behavior-based Energy Leadership program that has reduced energy consumption by 29.4% during the past year. The East Porter County School Board will be presented with ENERGY STAR® plaques for each of their school buildings at a board meeting on May 8, 2017. Mike Lindsey, Performance Assurance and Energy Leadership Manager, will present the ENERGY STAR® plaques on behalf of Performance Services.

To earn the ENERGY STAR®, East Porter County School Corporation worked with Performance Services, an Indianapolis company specializing in construction, energy savings, and optimal learning environments. A guaranteed energy savings project at all four schools resulted in utility bill savings of $239,235 during a 12-month period. In addition to installing energy conservation measures, East Porter County implemented an Energy Leadership behavior-based energy savings program and hired Rebecca Juergens as energy manager.

The schools are now distinguished among the top public school buildings in the state and nation for superior energy performance and indoor air quality. To qualify for the ENERGY STAR®, schools must rank in the top 25% of energy efficient schools with similar building characteristics. Schools that earn the ENERGY STAR® label use less energy than most buildings and release fewer greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere.

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“Including Energy Leadership in this project made a huge difference in our energy savings. It held us to a higher level of responsibility, oversight, and follow-up that allowed East Porter County Schools to see savings above and beyond what a simple mechanical renovation would have achieved.”

Rod Gardin

Superintendent, East Porter County School Corporation

Of the $239,253 in total annual savings as measured from January 2016 to December of 2016, Energy Leadership accounted for $123,253 of the utility cost reduction.

Mike Lindsey expressed his excitement, “We are so pleased to help East Porter County Schools become an ENERGY STAR® school district. This EPA Certification is due to a concerted effort by the School Board, administration, faculty and all staff members to be cost conscious. East Porter County serves as an example of how a school corporation can leverage its true savings potential.”

Performance Services is an Indiana-based, integrated design and delivery company that specializes in constructing and renovating schools, universities and municipal facilities to deliver high-performing buildings with optimal environments. Innovative renewable energy systems are integral to its services portfolio. The company has provided energy solutions to clients since 1998 and is a leading qualified provider of design-build, guaranteed energy savings projects, Energy Leadership programs and ENERGY STAR® labeled schools.

To learn more about earning the ENERGY STAR® and for a complete list of ENERGY STAR® labeled schools, visit http://www.epa.gov/

To learn more about East Porter County School Corporation, visit https://www.eastporter.k12.in.us