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Haiti Mission Trip - March 2015

February 25, 2015

March is just around the corner, and the Performance Services Mission Team is set for their trip to Haiti from March 16th - 20th. Haiti is currently the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere with an unemployment rate of over 40%. Malnutrition, lack of clean water, and poor access to medical treatment are common. In 2012-13, we raised $65,000 to build Casting Hope fishing village in the remote town of Gros Mangle. This past year we have raised an additional $32,500 to provide the town with drinkable water.

Our trip in March will include the inauguration of 20 new homes Performance Services built in Ganthier, and we will also be returning to the fishing village in Gros Mangle. We will be inspecting the new fresh water cisterns, as well as identifying the potential for any new project where we can get involved.

Food for the Poor’s Prisoner Release Program

During our week long trip we will also participate in Food for the Poor’s prisoner release program. Many Haitian men and women are arrested for petty crimes such as stealing bread to feed their families. They may spend years in prison because their families are unable to pay bail to get them out. At an average cost of about $100 per prisoner, we will wash the prisoners’ feet, give them a new pair of shoes, and release them from jail with the supplies needed for a fresh start.

Our goal was to release 20 individuals from jail through t-shirt sales and donations. After our Casting Hope booster program was closed we finished with almost $2,700! That means we will be able to free up to 27 men and women, allowing them to return to their families. We truly appreciate everyone’s generosity, and we can’t wait to put this money to good use in Haiti.

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The Gros Mangle Water Project Update