North Adams Schools Groundbreaking

Decatur, IN. North Adams Community Schools will host a groundbreaking ceremony on Thursday, September 28th at 4 p.m. at the future site of Bellmont Elementary School to signal the start of construction of a $35 million building project approved by the school board in 2017.

The design-build project includes major renovations to Bellmont High School and Bellmont Middle School, originally constructed in 1968 and 1991, respectively. A significant portion of the total project budget will address interior renovations, mechanical, electrical, and plumbing infrastructure, reconfiguration of learning spaces and site improvements at the high school. Bellmont Middle School will see interior renovations, including 21st-century learning environment spaces. The two existing elementary schools, Northwest and Southeast, will transition to a new “Bellmont Elementary School” addition on the Middle School and High School site to create one campus. A comprehensive list of renovations was previously shared by North Adams with the community. The target date for project completion is July 2019.

The North Adams’ Technical Review Committee for the project selected the Performance Services’ (PSI) design-build team at a meeting held on June 6, 2017, as part of a competitive process. PSI design partners include Barton-Coe-Vilamaa, Context LLC, Veridus Group, Lynch, Harrison & Brumleve, MLS Engineering, C&T Design and Equipment, Gaylor Electric, Heapy Engineering and Technology Dynamics.


“The commencing of this project is momentous in the history of our District. Whether you are a student, parent, family member, staff, School Board member or resident of the community, you are impacted by education—and our school district. We are confident that this project will truly represent our community’s genuine desire to invest in the education of our students and our future, and will demonstrate positive effects on the delivery of our educational services to our students and school community.”

Brent Lehman

Superintendent, North adams Community Schools

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North Adams Community Schools serves approx. 1,750 students. Additional information may be obtained at