Solar Arrays for MSD New Durham

Westville, IN. Construction of solar arrays is underway at MSD of New Durham Township. The photovoltaic (PV) system includes roof-mount and ground-mount arrays at Westville Elementary and Westville Middle-High School. The project is made possible due to Indiana net metering benefits for renewable systems. The net metering term will last 30 years per the interconnection agreement with NIPSCO. The combined solar array will provide 944 kilowatts (kW-DC) of clean, renewable energy and offset approximately 95% of electrical usage at the K-12 building. The project utilized a guaranteed energy savings contract which will result in a cumulative net energy savings of approximately $1.1 million over 20 years. Approved by the school board in November 2017, the project will be completed and producing power by mid-May 2018.

The District was looking for ways to reduce energy costs at their school buildings and after a competitive process selected Performance Services, who has partnered with Midwest Wind and Solar, to implement a $2.3 million guaranteed energy savings project.


“We are pleased that our school board members supported moving forward with this solar project. The expertise and experience of Performance Services and Midwest Wind and Solar gives us much confidence as we move forward. This project will cover a majority of our electric utility costs and we should be ahead as electric rates increase and we do more to reduce our electric consumption.”

Lynn Johnson

Interim superintendent

In addition, a customized solar curriculum program developed by the National Energy Education Development (NEED) project and sponsored by Performance Services is available to the District for use in the classroom.

“This is an important extension of our value proposition for schools to provide high performing, energy-efficient buildings that contribute to optimal learning environments,” said Tim Thoman, President and CEO of Performance Services. “The available educational component reinforces our commitment to education that directly benefits students by engaging and teaching how their very own school’s solar-generated system works.”

The project will reduce the District’s carbon footprint of its buildings and grounds. The energy produced by the solar arrays will reduce greenhouse gas equivalent to the electricity needed to power an estimated 76 homes in a single year.

MSD of New Durham Township is a K-12 school corporation located in Westville, Indiana, comprised of Westville Elementary School and Westville Middle-High School. The District serves approximately 890 students.