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The Gros Mangle Water Project Update

June 20, 2014

As the summer season begins and the temperatures start to rise, there is no better time to think of those less fortunate and prepare ourselves for the next service trip to Haiti. While we may spend our weekends playing in the pool, there are still Haitians in Gros Mangle who don’t yet have access to a clean, safe water supply. In collaboration with Food For The Poor, our stewardship project, the Gros Mangle Water Project, is currently being integrated, and we plan to be there for its dedication next March.

The Gros Mangle Water Project

The project itself will greatly improve the quality of life for those in Gros Mangle by providing access to potable, fresh water.  Through the installation of two 10,000 gallon water cisterns, as well as two separate kiosks for drinking water and washing hands, the residents of Gros Mangle will soon have a convenient and safe option to acquire their water.  The water project will also include the installation of gutters along the school’s roof that will be directed into the new cisterns, creating another sustainable resource for the community.

Through your generous donations and support, families and school children will no longer be in constant search of fresh water or be at the risk of consuming the tainted, unclean water found throughout the area.  The community now has a long-term solution to a persistent problem. This water project not only improved the quality of life for Gros Mangle residents, but it also strengthened our desire to maintain a high level of support and service to all those in the area.

Our Next Trip

Giving ourselves plenty of time to secure the funds for this mission trip, the next expedition to Haiti is planned for March 16-21, 2015. The timing will provide us with the largest opportunity to help those in need and we could not be more excited to make the trip. In addition to attending the completion of the water project in Gros Mangle, we will also be visiting Ganthier, which is one of the poorest villages we have ever visited during either of our trips.  With our hearts moved with compassion, Performance Services generously started the Ganthier project which includes 20 homes, sanitation, water storage facilities, and individual solar light kits.  As with Gros Mangle, we will also have a dedication ceremony during our visit there.  We can’t wait to continue servicing those who need our help the most. March could not come soon enough as we patiently wait for this life changing stewardship opportunity!

Haiti Mission Trip - March 2015