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When design and construction talk, the results speak for themselves. The Design & Construction Talks podcast features stories, resources, and education around integrating the design and construction processes. When design and construction teams work together, the customer comes first and demands accountability from the qualified provider.

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Big County Jail on a Small County Budget

Tipton County needed to replace an old and overcrowded jail that no longer met their needs. The County selected the fastest growing delivery method, progressive design-build to design and construct a new jail facility incorporating innovative and critical features and classifications. Hear from Tipton County’s Sheriff, Tony Frawley, award-winning Architect, Joe Mrak, and the design-builder about how Tipton County built a big county jail on a small county budget.

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Sheriff Tony Frawley

Tony Frawley

Tipton County Sheriff


Joe Mrak


Principal Architect, Securitecture


Jim Christie

Jim Christie

Business development manager, performance services


Five Reasons to Use Progressive Design-Build for Corrections and Municipal Projects

Progressive Design-Build allows for collaboration of the design and construction team during the earliest stages of project design development. Learn about how Tipton County used progressive design-build to construct their new corrections center.

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