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Energy Savings Project with Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) System


Ph I-II Contracts


Water Meters

Nov 2021


Project Description

The City of Dayton partnered with Performance Services to implement an energy savings contract to modernize the City’s water infrastructure and provide much-needed improvements to City buildings. The project included the replacement of all 2,800 existing water meters with new, “smart” water meters that are connected to a secure Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) Network. This 21st Century technology provides more visibility into water usage and allows the City and residents to remotely monitor water usage in real-time. Utilizing this technology provides quick detection and elimination of leaks, enabling the City to improve its performance and service.

Phase I of the project also included the installation of sports LED lighting at all seven fields at Daniel Park, LED lighting in four City buildings, upgraded HVAC across the City’s buildings, and building automation upgrades. Phase II included critical infrastructure improvements at the wastewater treatment plant.

Project Highlights - Phase I

  • Installation of advanced metering infrastructure (2,800 meters)
  • Smart City Software Platform
  • Online portal for customers to view and track water consumption data in real-time
  • LED sports lighting and baseball dugouts on all seven fields at Daniel Park
  • LED lighting at four City buildings
  • Upgraded HVAC across City buildings
  • Security measures in Community Center
  • Building automation upgrades

Project Highlights - Phase II

  • Wastewater treatment plant infrastructure equipment replacement and upgrades, including blower, RAS pump, valve replacement, lift station access cover, roll-off boxes, dry well drain boring, and park grinder pump station
  • Supervisory auto control system with 19 lift stations and 2 wells
  • Complete system data analytics and dashboard
  • Alfal-Laval belt press infrastructure improvements
  • Safety, emergency, and redundancy measures
  • Engineering for future lift stations and wastewater plant grit removal

The Phase I water meter project utilized Badger Meter, a leading marketer and manufacturer of products using flow measurement and control technologies. Performance Services also worked with Badger Beacon AMA, a software suite with proven ORION® AMR/AMI water meter reading technology to provide utility management with greater visibility and control. Together the meters and advanced metering infrastructure enable the City to reduce non-revenue water loss and to monitor water usage with pinpoint accuracy.

City of Dayton residents can access the EyeOnWater® customer portal by Badger Beacon. This portal, available in the Apple App Store or Google Play, provides customers with direct access to their water consumption data, allowing them to easily view, understand, and manage their water usage.


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Larry Jones

Business Development Manager

Interested in becoming a Smart City with AMI? Contact me today to get started!

The Performance Services team are excellent partners to get capital projects completed. They provided us with ideal turnkey solutions, and I highly recommend them for your infrastructure upgrade project.
Kimberly Judge
Director of Planning and Development Services, City of Dayton

Smart Water Meters: Smarter Water Management for Cities and Towns

Replacing mechanical water meters with automated, digital meters is vital for bringing communities into the 21st century and becoming Smart Cities, at least in terms of critical water management.