City of Fairfield, TX

Energy Savings Performance Contract for Smart Water Meter System

  • $1,267,950

  • 2,052

    Water Meters
  • Nov 2019

    Completion Date

Project Description

Aging water meters and inefficient metering processes led the City of Fairfield to pursue an Energy Savings Performance Contract with Performance Services to upgrade and install a smart water meter infrastructure across the city for faster and more accurate water readings. With the new ultrasonic water meters, customers receive real-time water usage data via a secure cellular network to better understand their water consumption and to help identify issues/ leaks sooner.

Press Release

Project Highlights

  • Removal and replacement of water meters with smart, ultrasonic water meters
  • Installation of a cloud-based Advanced Metering Analytics (AMA) system for real-time access to water usage data
  • Secure cellular-based communication platform for more efficient and accurate meter reading
  • Customer access to view water consumption data in real-time via a secure online portal

The project utilized Badger Meter, a leading marketer and manufacturer of products using flow measurement and control technologies. Performance Services also worked with Badger Beacon AMA, a software suite with proven ORION® AMR/AMI water meter reading technology to provide utility management with greater visibility and control. Together the meters and advanced metering infrastructure enable the City to reduce non-revenue water loss and to monitor water usage with pinpoint accuracy.

Once meters were installed, and the network is online, the City of Fairfield residents were given access to the EyeOnWater® customer portal by Badger Beacon. This portal, available in the Apple App Store or Google Play, provides customers with direct access to their water consumption data, allowing them to easily view, understand, and manage their water usage.

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