Fort Wayne Community Schools

29 ENERGY STAR Schools

  • $27,546,474

    Total Contracts
  • 29

    Energy Star Buildings
  • $3,167,920

    Annual Guaranteed Savings

Project Description

Fort Wayne Community Schools (FWCS) began working with Performance Services in 2011 with the implementation of our Energy Leadership behavioral-based energy savings plan. After realizing these savings, Fort Wayne Community Schools was ready to further implement facility improvements to save energy. The work with Performance Services has led to multiple lighting and HVAC-related energy savings projects. The focus of the projects included upgrades to old and inefficient lighting and outdated HVAC infrastructure at multiple buildings and adding energy-efficient HVAC in schools. Performance Services accomplished this by making existing equipment more efficient by using new building automation/controls technology and updating the central plant at selected schools.

Project Highlights

  • Air Conditioning: Add/increase cooling to areas that had none or overheated through separate A/C units and increased airflow of existing fan systems. Added fan-power relief at 11 buildings for improved efficiency
  • Classrooms: installed new vertical units at 11 buildings for improved circulation
  • Heating/Cooling Plant: Installed new high-efficiency boilers and more efficient chillers
  • Controls: new digital controls on HVAC systems
  • Building Pressurization: Installed relief fans with variable speed to increase ventilation and balance static pressure
  • CO2 levels are measured to ensure levels are below 1000 PPM with outside dampers at a minimum position
  • Humidity: Levels measured below 65% RH in the summer
  • Upgraded high-bay lighting to brighter, more efficient lighting and connected lighting to a digital control system
  • Installed LED lighting in Natatorium and several school buildings and their related gymnasiums
  • Replaced exterior windows at Holland Elementary
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