Marion County City-County Building

The Greening of the City-County Building


M&V Contract

10.4 Years

Simple Payback


Energy Savings

Project Description

The City-County Building is a 50-year old downtown landmark constructed at a time when energy efficiency and green technology wasn’t a top priority. Given the cost of maintaining the building, the Mayor of Indianapolis, Office of Sustainability, and the Indianapolis Marion County Building Authority worked with the nationally recognized Rocky Mountain Institute to lead a design charrette with local business leaders and engineers. Following a request for guaranteed energy savings proposal, Performance Services was selected to create and implement a “deep energy retrofit” design and project at no cost to taxpayers.

Under the direction of Ron Reinking, the Building Authority has overseen a number of energy-related improvements over the years, but nothing as comprehensive as this project, which used an integrated approach and includes measurable results. The “Greening of the City-County Building” initiative serves to demonstrate City leadership in sustainable practices. The building achieved the ENERGY STAR label in October 2012.


  • Central plant heat recovery system
  • Exhaust air energy recovery system
  • Conversion of heat and cooling systems from constant to variable flow
  • Building control systems expansion
  • Lighting occupancy sensors installed


  • Geothermal system to support building heating and cooling
  • Solar thermal and photovoltaic to supplement domestic hot water heating
  • Solar photovoltaic and wind-powered LED plaza lights
  • Photovoltaic-powered LED bus shelter integrated with the new Indianapolis cultural trail
  • Lobby dashboard display of project highlights and building performance


  • Significantly reduced the building's energy profile and 46% expected energy savings

At Performance Services, we pride ourselves in being a leading qualified guaranteed energy savings provider for Energy Star® buildings. 

Performance Services successfully implemented a deep energy retrofit of the City-County Building and significant energy efficiency improvements at several other City/County facilities including the Marion County Jail. They were very responsive throughout the project implementation, which due to the size of the project (15 buildings, 2+ million square feet) took almost 18 months to complete. Many of the buildings were old and fully occupied 24/7, which required phasing in the schedule in such a manner as not to disturb building users. Performance Services also completed ARRA/Stimulus-funded portions of the project and arranged for subcontractors to be onsite during visits by the Federal Department of Energy grantors.
John Hazlett
Project Manager, Department of Sustainability, City of Indianapolis