La Vernia Independent School District

La Vernia Improves Learning Environment with Zero Upfront Cost

$6.53 million


$4 million

Positive Cashflow over 20 years

$12 million

20-Year Guaranteed Savings

Project Description

La Vernia ISD is a 4A public school district serving more than 3,300 students across four campuses, including a primary, intermediate, junior high, and high school. Situated approximately 15 miles east of the San Antonio metropolitan area, the district’s boundaries cover 99 square miles across Wilson and Guadalupe Counties. The mission of La Vernia ISD is to collaboratively educate and inspire all students to be life-long learners with unlimited possibilities as contributing members of society. The district recognized a need to address aging and inefficient systems and provide students with a more optimal learning environment.

In 2020 the district faced significant infrastructure challenges consisting of more than $30 million in deferred maintenance and $100 million in needed facility upgrades and expansion. Deferred maintenance included air conditioning beyond its useful life, antiquated and inadequate lighting, leaking roofs, and foundation issues.

Partnering with Performance Services, the District selected a performance contract to improve campus facilities in coordination with the district's master plan. Performance Services implemented a district-wide program to replace more than 900 tons of HVAC, LED lighting upgrades, new building automation systems, and other critical items to reduce energy costs. Additionally,  utility cost reductions (electricity, water, and gas) and other savings are entirely paying for the project, so the district did not have to pass a bond or raise taxes.

La Vernia ISD Project Highlights

  • Replace interior lighting with LED lighting to dramatically improve the quality of lighting and reduce energy costs

    Install 900 tons of HVAC equipment/including UV Light and Bipolar Ionization

    Replace HVAC systems using obsolete R22 refrigerant

    Upgrade and integrate building automation controls

    Roof flashing at the high school closed an 8" gap between the wall and roof

    District-wide power conditioning of the electrical system

    Water conservation across the district

    Add pressure-reducing valves to the domestic water systems

    Foundation stabilization

    Roof Replacement at High School Library

    Sound dampening gates for Intermediate Chiller yard

    Hands-free water fixtures


Richard Gibbens

Larry Jones

business development manager




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