Memorial Hospital of South Bend

Turnkey Engineering and Construction



April 2013



Customer Satisfaction

Project Description

Memorial Hospital was in need of a cooling tower replacement and was determined to remedy past performance issues on previous facility projects. Prior problems included incomplete engineering drawings, improper equipment sizing, lack of project schedule transparency and lack of communication from project start to finish. Memorial’s facility staff was limited and needed a turnkey approach with exceptional engineering expertise to complete the project.

Performance Services was hired to replace the hospital’s cooling tower utilizing their turnkey project offering including engineering, controls and project management. Central to the selection decision was an understanding of the facility through an onsite facility analysis prior to design concept and a single point of accountability throughout the project. Jon Ringer, director of facilities, wanted a professional engineering and construction firm to own the project, keep him informed, and consider the best interests of the hospital. The project was completed with high customer satisfaction.


Jim Christie, Business Development Manager

Jim Christie

business development manager


Combined Heat & Power for Hospitals

With the need for continual, stable power, hospitals are tied to traditional energy sources that may not be cost effective or energy efficient, as up to two-thirds of their energy is wasted.