KPC Price Contract: A Method That Works

Authored By: David Dowdell Business Development Manager
KPC Price Contract

Kentucky Purchasing Cooperative (KPC) offers a transparent selection process for Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract (GESC) projects that provide Kentucky school districts with a detailed scope and open book pricing upfront, ensuring your district will never overpay for critical facility upgrades that save energy and money.

KPC Price Contract

A price contract is an alternative construction delivery method that utilizes cooperative purchasing techniques for scale and quality, saving school districts time and money by providing a defined scope before a Guaranteed Energy Savings Contract. All price contracts are in accordance with applicable regulations, including insurance and performance bonds for pre-qualified providers, and have approval from the KPC. With a KPC price contract,  school districts will:

  • Reduce energy and operating costs
  • Improve classroom environmental conditions
  • Improve maintenance and operation of facilities
  • Reduce carbon footprint and improve environmental factors

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With a KPC Guaranteed Energy Savings price contract,  school districts can expect:

  • Assistance with the BG-1 process
  • Detailed engineering design
  • Saves time versus traditional RFP
  • Open book, transparent pricing
  • Flat cost structure without unnecessary mark-ups
  • Performance guarantees

Maximize Bonding and Facility Improvement Capacity

100% Self-Funded Facilities Project50/50 Matched Funding for Project

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Save Time on the Procurement Process: Predictable, Defined, Streamlined

KPC Price Contract vs. Traditional RFP timeline

Fast-Track Summer Projects

With the KPC price contract, fast-track summer renovations are an efficient and effective way to complete Guaranteed Energy Savings projects while buildings are unoccupied. Begin your project with the end in mind. Performance Services will meet the following milestones:


Benefits as Compared to Traditional GESC

The KPC Price Contract offers several benefits that a traditional delivery method does not. Performance Services guarantees measurable results to Kentucky school districts looking to improve facilities, energy efficiency, and the learning environment.

Benefits and Considerations  KPC Price Contract with Performance Services GESC RFP  Approach
Pre-approved, qualified provider eliminates need for another competitive procurement saving the district time and resources YES NO
KPC consultant helps facilitate KDE documents and processes YES NO
Detailed engineering included
with well-defined project scope before the contract
Multiple contractor bids per trade YES NO
Transparent, open-book pricing ensures the best
value for the district
Benefits local education cooperative YES NO
Firm proposed price with no change orders within the agreed scope of work YES NO
Flat cost structure with limited mark-ups YES NO
Requires KDE process reviews and approvals YES YES
Guaranteed savings fund facility improvements YES YES
Vendor and equipment choice YES YES

High-Performance Outcomes

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“We found that the KPC price contract delivery method provided the best bang for our buck. Unlike the traditional process used to execute energy savings projects, the price contract process demands scope details up front and transparent, open book pricing, eliminating unnecessary mark-ups.”

Eric Neff

Personnel Director, Covington Independent Public Schools

Since 1998, Performance Services’ specialty is designing and delivering high-quality, energy-efficient schools with optimal learning environments at low operating costs. Our approach includes Owner control of budgets, timelines, and outcomes—made possible due to single-source accountability for design, construction, and performance assurance.

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Contact me to learn more about the KPC Price Contract, and how your district can get started with solar today!

David Dowdell Business Development Manager

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