LED’s Proving to be Low Cost Retrofit

Jim Adams
Authored By: Jim Adams General Manager - Texas
LEDs are High Quality, Low Cost Energy Conservation Measure

There are dozens of great examples of the improvements that an LED retrofit provides. The difference in performance among all outdoor lighting fixtures is dramatic, and more importantly, cost-effective. The main applications for these fixtures occur in outdoor building lights, parking lot lighting, campus fixtures, and park lighting.

Another reason LEDs are on the rise is the improved safety and security for users, and they offer improved asset protection. With the improved brightness and display, these lights have the potential to keep your buildings safer. LED fixtures continue to become more cost competitive, and they generally provide energy paybacks of less than 10 years. The Forbes article below highlights the benefits of LED’s energy efficient, and improved city lighting.

Jim Adams

Jim is a results-oriented leader with 35+ years of achievements in the energy efficiency construction industry. Jim founded Energy Systems Group (ESG) in 1994, and expanded the company to 14 branch offices and 4 energy centers. Jim joined Performance Services in 2014 and leads the Texas-based team.

Jim Adams General Manager - Texas


How LEDs Are Going To Change The Way We Look At Cities

Forbes Magazine

SEPTEMBER 10, 2014

Ed Ebrahimian loves to stare out the plane window on night flights home to Los Angeles. Next time you fly into L.A. late, take a good look and see why. Five years ago a bright orange blanket of light used to saturate the city and stain the air above. Today it’s a metropolis aglow with tens of thousands of cool silvery pinpoint lights. The grid is clearer. The skies are blacker.

“The lights look like candles now, and they aren’t glaring at all,” Ebrahimian gushes. “The sky glow is the most amazing thing I’ve seen in my life.”

Ebrahimian has good reason to be enthused. As director of L.A.’s Bureau of Street Lighting, he’s overseeing one of the largest relighting projects in the world, spending $57 million to retrofit the city’s 215,000 lights, which come in more than 400 styles. The money has gotten him only to lamppost number 155,000 after five years. Replacing the remaining 60,000, including most of the decorative ones, will cost $50 million more…


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