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Our Approach

What sets Performance Services apart starts with our approach.

Our in-house design and delivery team assures a seamless process, from the initial site visit through a detailed proposal, exceptional project management, controls expertise, and performance assurance throughout the guarantee period. We provide a true one-stop-shop for project accountability. 

Engineered design, project management, vendor independent controls and performance assurance

We create committed teams with deep expertise in every area required to deliver optimized, low-cost environments. In-house design, project management, controls specialists, and performance assurance engineers collaborate closely to pursue a clear and shared objective: the right, sustainable solution for every customer. We walk the spaces and the corridors. We lift the tiles, turn the pages of existing plans, and provide detailed designs. By learning as much as we can about every customer project, we make sure our proposed needs and solutions are designed to provide a best value outcome.

The measurable benefits of our integrated process include enhanced project quality, increased project delivery speed, and tightly managed, predictable costs. As an integrity-driven guaranteed energy savings performance contractor, we guarantee energy savings--not just in principle but in reality too. In the unlikely event that our work doesn't deliver the promised energy savings, we will make up the difference and cut a check. That's because, at Performance Services, we value customer relationships and are in for the long haul. Our word is our bond and we never walk away from our promises.