Why is the ENERGY STAR certification so important?

Energy Star Plaque

ENERGY STAR® certification is a strong and prestigious symbol of commitment to responsible resource usage and a caring approach to our environment.

Performance Services is a leading qualified guaranteed energy savings provider for ENERGY STAR® labeled buildings with over 145 buildings certified to date. To help you achieve the ENERGY STAR® label, we:

  • Start by carrying out a preliminary energy analysis of your buildings so that we can give your current ENERGY STAR® benchmark score
  • Make specific recommendations on reducing of energy consumption while still maintaining an optimal environment
  • Monitor 12 consecutive months of the utility data required for the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager
  • Support, if desired, promotional activity to showcase and celebrate your achievement when the ENERGY STAR label is awarded

Performance Services is proud to have supported our customers to help them achieve the ENERGY STAR® certification, a symbol of a high performing building.

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