our culture

Guiding Principles

Old compass sitting on an aged map


We believe all people have been created in the image and likeness of God. This fundamental belief permeates our interactions with customers, employees, business partners, and others with whom we interact. With dignity, respect, and equity we achieve mutually beneficial agreements with all stakeholders. We hire and retain the best employees and empower them with authority and accountability to do their best work and thrive. We treat partners fairly. We care for our customers, work hard to fulfill all promises to them, and exceed their expectations.


We have a shared commitment to continual improvement and excellence. Through hard work, effective work processes, on-going training, accurate feedback systems, and continually improving best practices, our talented and skilled employees consistently deliver the greatest value and customer satisfaction in the industry.


Our job is to serve and help our customers, employees, and business partners through mutually beneficial arrangements. We recognize that our continued success is dependent on serving these people effectively.


We strive to grow our business and maintain our ROI through increasing sales, improving work processes, lowering costs and providing our customers the greatest satisfaction in the industry. This sustainable growth enables us to better serve more customers, fairly compensate employees, remain financially strong and continue to help those in need.


We have been entrusted by God as stewards of a company that serves customers, employees, business partners, shareholders and those in need. It’s our responsibility to work with wisdom and diligence to produce the greatest value for all our stakeholders.