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Scott Zigmond

VP of Sales & Marketing


Scott Zigmond learned about customer expectations very early in his career.  In 5th grade, he took on a paper route delivering 40 Chicago Tribune papers after school five days per week in the suburbs of Chicago.  His customers wanted a paper that was on time, in one piece, dry and placed on the driveway where it could be easily seen.  After a year of an afternoon route, he got “promoted” to take on a Sunday route with his dad that encompassed 300+ Tribunes and Chicago Sun-Times.  For the next six years, Scott and his dad drove that route every Sunday beginning with a wakeup call at 3:30 a.m. and finishing the route by 8:00 a.m.

Those early wakeup calls helped him during his four years at West Point.  Besides getting up early, Scott also learned a great deal about leading people, the concepts of Duty, Honor, and Country, as well as listening to others.  After graduating from the Academy, Scott served as an Army Office at Ft. Sill, OK; Nurnberg, Germany; Somalia and Ft. Benjamin Harrison in Indianapolis.  He served his customers—the soldiers by listening to their needs and delivering on expectations.  Those needs varied from giving regular communication and feedback to delivering mail on time and serving food hot, to keeping them safe in a difficult environment.

Over the last 25 years, Scott has held various leadership roles in a few different companies.  He was drawn to Performance Services by the people and culture of the company as well as the sector of energy. When not at work, Scott and his wife, Joanie, are figuring out ways to keep up with their five daughters’ activities in and out of school and at church.  He enjoys Pilates, TRX training and running to try to stay fit.  Scott is an avid sports fan and has allegiances to many sports teams from high school through college to the pros, but especially to Army Football.


  • Responsible for 15-20 large partnerships annually throughout the US (2000-2008)
  • Has led customer teams for the last 25 years ranging from 8 to 450 people at Roche Diagnostics, GE Medical Systems, and Performance Services


  • United States Military Academy Admissions Liaison Officer
  • Rep. Susan Brooks Academy Nomination Committee Member
  • Samaritans Feet International Volunteer


  • Master of Science in Business Administration, Boston University Overseas Program, Nurnberg, Germany - 1991
  • Bachelor of Science in Management, U.S. Military Academy, West Point, NY - 1988


  • Indiana Association of School Business Officials, Service Member
  • Illinois Association of School Business Officials, Service Member
  • Wisconsin Association of School Business Officials, Service Member
  • Indiana School Board Association


  • PSI Leadership Development Program, 2019