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Monica joined the Performance Services team in 2023. Before that, she spent nine years at CT Mechanical. There, her two primary job titles were Safety Director and Service Administrator, although she willingly undertook many other responsibilities to assist her manager and co-workers. Monica’s construction safety knowledge stems from her experience as a Firefighter, Paramedic, Hazmat First Responder, EMT & CPR/AED Instructor, and Rescue Diver. Combined with her knowledge from CT Mechanical, Monica has a wide range of experiences on what happens when safety guidelines are not followed. At CT Mechanical, she was responsible for compliance, incident management, jobsite safety, updating policies and procedures, being part of the safety committee, and leading quarterly safety meetings. Caring deeply for those with whom she works is a natural state of mind for Monica.

Outside work, Monica regularly practices hot yoga, walks her dog, gardens, reads, and spends time with her friends and family. Her favorite sport to watch is hockey.

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