David Hughes

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For the past 37 years David has worked in the building control industry for Siemens and Trane. His time was split with 25 years Solutions Operations, 2 years SI Corporate Quality and the last 12 in Service Operations. In the last 3 years he worked as the SI Midwest Zone Service Operations Manager and Atlantic Zone Business Analyst and was responsible for staffing, training and continuous process improvement utilizing data analytics & productivity tools development. Over the years some of his major accounts included Purdue University, Dow Agrosciences, Cook Pharm. & Rubbermaid World HQ.

He and his wife of 32 years, Cheryl, have three children all adults now. They live in the Danville, IN area. Cheryl is semi-retired and works part-time in the flood plain insurance industry for a friend’s business. Their oldest daughter Laura lives near New Bern, N.C. and works in asset sales for Enterprise. Their son Stephen is a MSME Purdue and works for Siemens in Indiana as an Engineering Supr. He and his wife Allee had Dave’s first grandchild, a darling 18-month-old daughter, Charlotte. Allee works for IU Health Neuro as a Pharmacists. Their Youngest daughter Hannah works for IU Health West as a Post-Op Nurse. She is married to Eli Blakley who works as an electrician and guitarist. Both Stephen and Hannah and families reside in the town of Brownsburg.

David & Cheryl attend Connection Pointe Christian Church in Brownsburg and participate in small group ministries. They both enjoy gardening and babysitting the new grand-daughter.

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