Todd Lackey

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Todd Lackey has always had an appreciation for creating a great design. With an initial interest in studying architectural blueprints as a teenager, his natural talent for math combined with his interest in building mechanical systems and seeing them work, encouraged Todd to pursue a career as an HVAC design engineer for education and healthcare facilities.

After five years of experience as a design engineer with consulting firms and seven years designing and implementing projects with the State of Indiana, Todd joined Performance Services in the spring of 2007 and notes his reason for working here is the opportunity to serve and play on a great design build team. He gets to own his design and see it through to completion. With a natural instinct for achievement, Todd will go the extra mile to make sure everything works.

A former high school baseball athlete and specialty pitcher, Todd and his family still love the game of baseball. When not creating designs, Todd can be found coaching his son’s baseball team, working on his new home, or playing recreational softball.


  • Mechanical Engineering, Purdue University
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