Avon Community School Corp. – Guaranteed Savings

$4,998,850 Actual Energy Savings to Date

  • $11,311,386

    Contract Total (Ph. I-V)
  • $5 million

    Actual Energy Savings To Date
  • 4

    ENERGY STAR® School Buildings

Project Description

Avon Community School Corporation has experienced learning environment and energy waste issues for several years. Problems were identified at the elementary, intermediate, middle, and high schools. Overheating and overcooling was a consistent problem in addition to indoor air quality (IAQ) issues due to insufficient fresh air and high CO2 levels. Energy issues included obsolete pneumatic controls that circumvented energy savings strategies. Boilers wasted gas by heating pool air and water all summer. Old lighting was in place in high-bay areas and the gym and cafeteria lights wasted electricity too. In 2000, Performance Services began a 16-year partnership with Avon Community Schools to complete a multi-phase guaranteed energy savings project which addressed the learning environment and energy reduction needs of the district.

ENERGY STAR® Press Release

Project Highlights

  • Increased cooling to areas that overheated through separate A/C units and increased air flow of existing fan systems
  • High-efficiency boiler plant and efficient chiller at Avon IMS
  • Installed Tracer digital controls on the HVAC system
  • Installed relief fans with variable speed to increase ventilation and balance static pressure
  • CO2 levels measured to ensure levels are below 1000 PPM with outside dampers at minimum position
  • Humidity levels measured below 65% RH in the summer
  • Upgraded high-bay lighting to brighter, more efficient lighting and connect lighting to a digital control system
  • Cumulative Operational Savings: $8,070,288
Steve Thoman Business Development Manager
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