Blytheville School District

Energy Savings Project to Improve Learning Environment for Students

  • $3,750,000

    Contract Total
  • 5

  • 540,822

    Square Feet

Project Description

Blytheville School District is in Blytheville, Arkansas, and provides educational opportunities for more than 2,900 students in PreK to 12. Performance Services (PSI) worked with the school district to identify issues with their Heating, Air Conditioning, and Ventilation (HVAC) systems and indoor air quality. After an indoor air quality assessment was completed to identify district needs, PSI partnered with the school district in the summer of 2021 to develop a project which will help the Blytheville School District deal with aging equipment, poor ventilation, ineffective filtering systems, inconsistent filtering systems temperatures, and high humidity levels. The project completed in the fall of 2022.

Project Highlights

  • Remove and replace 250 existing restroom faucets throughout the district with new battery-powered touchless faucets.
  • Remove and replace 337 existing restroom toilet flush valves throughout the district with new battery-powered touchless flush valves.
  • Remove and replace 51 HVAC units at the Middle School that have reached the end of their useful life (15 years).
  • Install 4 new Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) Units to provide the appropriate amount of ventilation to the spaces.
  • Provide and install a new controls system for the new HVAC equipment at the Middle School to better monitor and control the space temperature, humidity, and ventilation.
    • This will also provide the district with the capability to remotely monitor, control, and schedule the operation of the HVAC units in the Middle School.
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