Boonville R-1 School District

Energy Savings Project to Improve Learning Environment for Students


Contract Total, Phase I - II


Annual Guaranteed Energy Savings, Phase I - II

Fall 2021

Phase II Completion

Project Description Phase I

In 2020, Boonville Schools R-1 selected Performance Services to implement an energy savings project to upgrade aging systems at two of their school buildings. The phase I project included an LED lighting retrofit at Boonville High School to improve lighting levels for students, teachers, and staff. In addition, Laura Speed Elliott Middle School received a cooling tower replacement to aid with temperature control. Together, these improvements are expected to generate $445,155 in energy savings over 15 years.

Project Description Phase II

After a successful phase I, Boonville partnered with Performance Services to implement a phase II project to improve their school buildings further. The phase II projects focused on two elementary schools, David Barton and Hannah Cole, to improve their optimal learning environments. David Barton Elementary received a new roof, electrical panel upgrades, and a new fire alarm system. Hannah Cole Elementary received a new Natural Gas-Fired dedicated outdoor air systems, recommissioned water source heat pumps along with new boilers, upgraded temperature controls, and Natural Gas service. These improvements are expected to generate $251,594 annually.

Project Scope

  • Installed variable frequency drives on pumps
  • Plant controls upgrade

Boonville High School

  • LED lighting upgrades

Laura Speed Elliott Middle School

  • Cooling tower replacement

David Barton Elementary

  • Roof replacement
  • Electrical panel upgrades
  • New Fire alarm system 

Hannah Cole Elementary

  • New Natural Gas-Fired dedicated outdoor air systems
  • New boilers
  • Recommission water source heat pump units
  • New temperature controls
  • New Natural Gas service



Sterling Miller

Sterling Miller

Business Development Manager