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City of Jacksonville, TX

Smart Water Meter Infrastructure


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Water Meters

August 2019

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Project Description

The City of Jacksonville is a community in Texas that is home to 14,910 residents. Faced with aging water meters and inefficient metering, the City of Jacksonville entered into an Energy Savings Performance Contract with Performance Services to upgrade and install a smart meter infrastructure with zero up-front capital. As a result, the project is fully funded from savings due to increases in water meter efficiencies, reduction of operational costs, and elimination of future capital expenditures. The new electromagnetic water meter system will allow for faster and more accurate water readings. It will also provide residents with real-time water usage data to better understand their water consumption and identify issues or leaks sooner.


  • Removal and replacement of 5,452 water meters with smart meters for both residential and commercial customers
  • Reduced maintenance costs and 20-year accuracy warranty (depending on meter size)
  • Remote shutoff for residential meters
  • Pressure monitoring throughout the water distribution system
  • A customer portal for residents, which provides on demand access of their account and water utility data
  • All utility data is backed up to the cloud, as well as two additional data centers to ensure data integrity, security, and retrieval


Photo of Larry Jones, Business Development Manager

Larry Jones


The Performance Services team was outstanding to work with from the initial conversation and throughout the project. They kept all their promises and I highly recommend them for your water meter project.
Greg Smith
City Manager, City of Jacksonville

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Replacing mechanical water meters with automated, digital meters is vital for bringing communities into the 21st century and becoming Smart Cities, at least in terms of critical water management.


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