Crawfordsville High School

Geothermal System Creates Energy Savings

  • $3,315,915

    Total Contract
  • $1,404,998

    Ten Year Energy Savings Results
  • 192

    Geothermal System Wells

Project Description

The electric bill at Crawfordsville High School was $400,490 in 2009. Multiple chiller failures with 22 compressors replaced in the first five years of operation as well as multiple failures of the dehumidification units demanded attention. With the high school pool serving the community at large, a sustainable solution was needed.

Sustainable Solution

After reviewing multiple options, a unique and innovative geothermal system proposed by Performance Services was clearly the best overall solution. The hybrid design utilizes much of the existing air and water distribution-saving significant dollars. The geothermal system relies on a heat recovery chiller (rather than heat pumps) and a vertical well field for central plant heating and cooling needs.


“After opening in 1993, Crawfordsville High School experienced much higher utility costs than anticipated and a high volume of equipment failure. A bandaid approach was used until serious discussions addressed updating equipment and tackling high energy bills. The school was interested in “going green” and the new hybrid approach to heating and air conditioning seemed a logical approach. The geothermal well field allowed the school corporation to not only connect to chillers in the main heating plant, but tie the natatorium to the plant as well. The results are amazing with a 30 percent drop in the first month’s electric bill!”

Paul Pfledderer

Project Consultant

Steve Thoman Business Development Manager
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