Glenbard Township High School District 87 Phases 1-7

Multi-Phase Energy Conservation Project


Total Contract


Project Phases

1.17 MW dc

Solar PV

Project Description

The third largest high school district in Illinois has partnered with Performance Services since 2014 to complete design-build energy savings projects in their four high school buildings. The fast-track summer projects included classroom environment improvements along with central plant modernizations and energy conservation improvements. Upgrades included enhancing the air delivery systems to provide the proper amount of outside air to each space in the buildings.  In 2018, Glenbard West High School and Glenbard North High School earned the Energy Star Award. You can read more about the award in the press release below.

Energy Star News Story


Project Highlights

  • Optimal Learning Environment (OLE) in classrooms, to include air conditioning, consistent temperatures, proper indoor air quality, appropriate humidity levels, low mechanical noise, and appropriate lighting levels
  • Controls upgrades
  • Roof replacement
  • LED lighting
  • A design and construction process that included Open Book pricing that guaranteed best value choices and low-cost pricing for the school district
  • Fast-track schedule completion of the complex project in time for the start of school with high customer satisfaction
  • Annual guaranteed savings $8,530,756
  • Expected energy and operational savings over 10 years: $85 million

Solar PV Projects

In September 2015, Glenbard East High School added a 2 kW solar energy system with a battery backup. This system will make one of their classrooms net-zero, as well as provide power to the lights, electrical outlets, and HVAC during power outages. On top of these energy benefits, the solar system will provide the students with a first-hand educational experience of a renewable energy system.

Phase 7 includes a $2.7 million roof-mounted solar project at Glenbard East High School. The array includes an estimated 2,900 solar panels. The solar array is expected to generate an average annual production of 1.4 million kilowatt hours of electricity and is scheduled for completion in November 2020.


Bob Wede, Business Development Manager

Bob Wede

business development manager

Architects are experts at design. Construction managers are experts at building buildings. Glenbard Schools wanted an expert to address a $44 million renovation of our HVAC, electrical and plumbing systems. Performance Services fit that role to a tee providing design, installation and performance guarantees. Through our partnership, we have been able to air-condition our schools, improve our learning environment, significantly reduce our utility bills, and achieve the ENERGY STAR Award.
Chris McClain
Assistant Superintendent for Finance and Operations/CSBO, Glenbard Township HS District 87
Glenbard Township High School District 87 Completes Large Solar Project