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Goshen Community Schools - Phase I, II, & III

Integrated Solutions for Learning Environment Needs


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School Buildings


Cumulative Energy Savings Phase I-III

Goshen Community Schools were awarded zero-interest Qualified School Construction Bonds in 2009 and decided to take advantage of the opportunity to upgrade their existing building systems. Existing systems included original equipment past it expected useful life and obsolete pneumatic controls that were highly inefficient and failed to function properly. Prior to the renovation, teachers resorted to manually turning off unit ventilators in an attempt to control classroom noise and temperature issues.


Following three phases of renovation and controls work with Performance Services, the school corporation has classroom environments conducive to learning and no longer need to manually operate controls to reduce noise levels and room temperatures.



  • Installed new air handling units with digital controls
  • Upgraded cooling systems to new refrigerants, removing obsolete systems from air handling units
  • A web-based controls system maintains temperatures with 1 degree of set point

Indoor Air Quality

  • COlevels measured to ensure levels are below 1000 PPM with outside air dampers at minimum position
  • Installed variable speed drives on single zone units

Illumination and Windows

  • Light fixtures and mounted motion sensors and power packs provide energy efficient lighting controls
  • New dual pane windows installed to optimize thermal comfort and energy efficiency

Energy Efficiency

  • High efficiency condensing boilers installation as well as new water-cooled chiller and cooling tower
  • Controls upgrade on central plant and HVAC systems


Bob Wede, Business Development Manager

Bob Wede

business development manager

With the Performance Services team we were able to complete a very aggressive summer renovation project and reoccupy the building within slightly over two months. This is impressive! I look forward to partnering with Performance Services for continued projects.
Tom Boomershine
Facilities Manager, Goshen Community Schools