Huntley Community School District 158

Guaranteed Energy Savings with LED Lighting

  • $1,349,500

    Contract Total
  • $104,408

    Annual Guaranteed Energy Savings
  • 2015

    Completion Date

Project Description

At the beginning of 2015, Huntley Community School District 158 reviewed the incentives given out by the state of Illinois for energy savings retrofits. A strong state incentive program coupled with excellent paybacks led the board to upgrade to LED lighting with occupancy sensors. Performance Services was awarded the work. The project was to take place during the summer months; however, the project was moved to the fall when the popular LED lighting was on backorder. Performance Services was flexible and ensured schedules were updated to the second shift to ensure the lighting was installed on time and did not interfere with the schools’ schedules. The project was completed as scheduled and installed by the end of 2015.

Project Highlights

  • Installed 1,210 new lighting fixtures at Huntley High School
  • 1,372 new lighting fixtures at Heineman Middle School
  • Installed 2,338 new lighting fixtures at Marlowe Middle School
  • 481 new lighting fixtures at Chesak Elementary School
  • Installed 1,407 new lighting fixtures at Conley Elementary School
  • 411 new lighting fixtures at Leggee Elementary School
  • Installed 1,396 lighting fixtures at Mackeben Elementary School
  • 487 new lighting fixtures at Martin Elementary
Kurt Hintz
Kurt Hintz Business Development Manager
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