Marion County Jail

$326,665 Guaranteed Energy Savings

  • $3,677,508

    Total Contract
  • April 2012

    Completion Date
  • $326,655

    Annual Guaranteed Energy Savings

Project Description

The Marion County Jail was built in 1964 to provide incarceration for adult offenders. Performance Services was selected to renovate the facility in 2010. The last building renovation had been 25 years prior in 1985. Systems were well maintained by staff but much of the equipment was at a life expectancy of 25 years old. The control system was obsolete and past its life expectancy as well.

Jails have unique needs that must be considered when planning a project requiring significant construction and renovation of the building. Jail facilities are operated 24-7 with secure spaces that cannot be accessed without permission. Project implementation requires forethought and planning as areas must be accessed a section at a time. Ensuring adherence to the set schedule, as well as communicating changes or issues in the schedule, was critically important to the success of the project.

Project Highlights

  • Installed heat recovery chillers
  • Conversion of heating and cooling systems from constant to variable flow
  • Building control system expansion
  • New high-efficiency lighting
  • New high-efficiency chiller
  • Air side energy recovery make up air unit installation
  • Installed low flow control valves on water closets
  • Added control valves and 172 isolation valves on all security plumbing fixtures
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