Marion County Police Headquarters

Marion County Police Headquarters - North, Southwest, and Southeast

  • $575,406

    Total Contract
  • April 2012

    Completion Date
  • $41,978

    Annual Guaranteed Energy Savings

Project Description

The City of Indianapolis has three Police Headquarters that are part of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department which were included in its 2010 Guaranteed Energy Savings Project. The headquarters were the North, Southeast, and Southwest locations. All locations had equipment that was between 14-20 years old that served the facilities. The buildings were inefficient with constant volume mechanical air and older lighting technology. Energy efficiency upgrades not only helped create energy savings but especially in the case of the North headquarters, it made the office area more comfortable through lowering humidity and better overall indoor air environment control.

Police Headquarter locations are operated 24-7 and have secure areas within the facilities. Due to these unique factors, scheduling and communication with staff were critical to the success of the project.

Project Highlights

  • Building controls upgrade
  • Reduced equipment usage through building scheduling
  • Reduced chiller usage
  • Installed CO2 sensors
  • Installed variable speed drives to reduce fan speed
  • Improved control of hot water heating boilers – Southeast only
  • New high-efficiency boilers – North only
  • Lighting upgrades – North and Southwest only
  • Installed new heat recovery chillers – Southwest only
  • New radiant gas heaters – Southwest only
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