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When MSD of Lawrence Township established the goal of providing an optimal learning environment for every student in the district, Mary Castle was identified as the most troubled building needing priority attention. Built in the 1960’s, the school underwent an HVAC renovation in 1995 but in 2000 was already experiencing a high number of comfort complaints due to inefficient equipment and an obsolete temperature control system.

Performance Services provided a Guaranteed Optimal Learning Environment as it relates to temperature, humidity, indoor air quality and noise in every classroom at 11 buildings in the District.


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“Performance Services exceeded our expectations with the work they performed. Their vast experience, reputation and expertise sets the company apart from other providers.”

Robin Phelps

business manager



  • Installed new high efficiency, condensing boiler and vertical unit air handling units, high-efficiency filters, outdoor intake louvers, sound insulation, and stainless steel drain pans. A web-based automated logic digital controls system maintains temperature within one degree of set point.

Indoor Air Quality

  • Installed CO2 sensors in large gathering areas to optimize the introduction of outside air and ensure 15 CFM of outside air is introduced per occupant.

Air Distribution

  • Installed new vertical air handling units to provide quality air distribution through a ceiling ducted ventilation system.

HVAC Sound Levels

  • The old classroom ventilators had high sound levels exceeding 55dB which impeded instruction and learning. The new vertical units have background noise levels measured below 45 dB in each classroom.

Air Filtration

  • Installed units have 2” filters for greater air filtration.


Bob Wede, Business Development Manager

Bob Wede

business development manager


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