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In 2013, Muncie Community Schools (MCS) went through an extensive discovery process to determine the best way to reduce energy usage across the district. They released an RFP to find a partner for their energy management program. The MCS committee reached a unanimous decision to go with Performance Services.


Two full years into their Energy Leadership program, MCS has over 12 million kWh in electrical savings. That brings their two-year total savings to $1,545,715. Through a combination of utility rebate funded retro-commissioning and behavior training, there has been an energy usage drop of 31.6% across the 14 school buildings in Muncie. 

Student Engagement

In 2014, MCS utilized Mark Wade, a professional children's ventriloquist to engage the students and share ways for the students to save energy every day in their schools. The show was centered around concepts such as powering down the computers and lights; making sure windows and doors are properly closed, and watching the thermostat to make sure energy is not wasted. 


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"By working with Performance Services, we have been able to reduce our carbon footprint while reducing costs. By working with Performance Services, MCS has both saved money and created a more sustainable future for the children and families we serve."

Dr. Steven Baule


Meet our Energy Leader


Mike Lindsey

Mike Lindsey joined Performance Services in 2010, bringing with him 14 years of experience working as an owner’s representative on 15 major construction, addition and HVAC renovation projects.

Mike Lindsey

energy leader


Flipping The Switch on Energy Savings

To leave the lights on or to turn them off, that is the question. I am frequently asked if turning off lights and electronics can actually save money and energy.